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Faridabad Neharpar Apartments-Puri Construction

In line with the successful development of the projects in Delhi/NCR, like The Pranayam, The Palm Springs, and VIP Floors, Puri Constructions is now engaged in the development of the high-end residential projects in Faridabad. This leading real estate company of Delhi/NCR is developing several luxury apartments in Faridabad. Aanand Villas, Puri Pranayam, Puri Pratham and 81 high street are some of the precious projects being developed by this real estate company. The first three residential projects will be offering independent floors in Faridabad whereas 81 High Street will be one of the best retail locations of Faridabad to make the people enjoy their precious luxury moments.

Aanand Vilas, a project offering luxury bungalows in Faridabad is being developed by Puri Constructions and creating a new definition of the luxury living in Faridabad. It is located at the ultimate location in Sector 81 which is just 200 meters away from the popular Sector 14 and 15 of Faridabad. 81 high street which is the finest retail destination of Faridabad can be easily reached with one minute drive from this Aanand Vilas. The project is being developed on the grand campus of 12 acres. Ample greeneries are available in this huge space apart from all the modern recreational facilities and amenities to let the residents enjoy the best living experience in the NCR region. Puri Construction offers Faridabad Neharpar apartments.

The Puri Pratham project is a luxury residential complex in Faridabad that consists of a luxury mid – rise (G+10) residential complex spread over 10 acres of lush greens. Offering a true blend of modern amenities and the structure designed and developed in the most modern way, Pratham has the plethora of greeneries, water body having been surrounded by a central park. Such unique residential apartment in Faridabad is one of the best living companions for the property seekers in Delhi/NCR. This project has been designed by the internationally acclaimed ‘DEVCON’ and located in close proximity to important destinations in Faridabad, it offers a refined life full of conveniences.


81 High Street is another landmark project getting developed by Puri Constructions. This 4 acres of open air modern retail format is being designed by world-renowned architectural firm ARCOP. This project is almost at completion and going to be the best dedicated retail destination for urban shopping, business-class hospitality, health and well-being zone, cool hangout spaces and multi-cuisine fine dining options in Sector 81, Faridabad. The Pranayam project has been delivered by this real-estate giant where the residents are enjoying the grand lifestyle. This project has also received NDTV Best Property Award for its unprecedented service for delivering the quality residential premises for the property seekers in Delhi/NCR.

Puri Diplomatic Greens, another demanding project is a 20 story high building near IGI airport and it has become one of the demanding projects of the most sought after projects in Delhi/NCR offering 4 bedroom luxury apartments in Gurgaon. The second phase of this project has been almost completed and the project is being ready to fulfill the luxury living demand of the people of the metropolitan cities.


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Facts to know before Real Estate Investment

Facts to know before Real Estate Investment

There are two classes of people who place assets into property. There are first time money related masters and after that there are serial examiners. Strikingly money related masters the requirements are out and out unique in relation to the people who have been in the matter of property wander for quite a while. It may be difficult to find a concordance between the two orders, however there is one engineer that is superbly considering the necessities of both.

Puri Constructions, is a social event, that has been in the matter of land adequately long to understand the nuances of the customers. They have a wide bunch of properties to offer that fill the need of any kind of buyer. If they have built cushions and townhouse in Faridabad, they have furthermore considered lavishness pads and houses in Gurgaon.

For another examiner, the fundamental concern is to find a property that checks every one of the cases. Meanwhile it is moreover imperative to fathom and be clear about the precepts of property wander. A beginner would generally be buying a property with the ultimate objective of remaining.

Here, they are planning to substitute lease with EMI and have a home that can be called as their own. This state of mind is inside and out not quite the same as the people who have been in placing assets into property for quite a while. The inspiration driving a serial property monetary authority is to assemble most outrageous increments from placing assets into property. For them it is a typical wellspring of pay and a strategy for work.

The striking segment of Puri Constructions is that they pass on properties that can keep both sorts of money related authorities cheery. Some individual planning to buy a home to remain in would require it to be untainted, and also can be normal be acquired in the set spending arrangement. People planning to remain in properties they buy generally keep a money related arrangement, which is to some degree versatile, however don’t exchange off on quality. Puri Constructions has lavishness properties for customers that will enchant them with one look. Their latest endeavors are advancing apartment suite on Dwarka Expressway and New Faridabad. These undertakings are bound with the latest extravagances and the most developed plans and base workplaces.

Meanwhile, Puri Constructions have their offer of spending properties too. A bit of the private lofts in Faridabad and cushions in Gurgaon, can fit any spending necessities. One thing to note however is that regardless of the way that these properties are for the most part less costly, they not the smallest piece exchange off with quality. The lower expenses are an eventual outcome of less sumptuous components in the townhouse.

Acquiring a property is a basic decision for everybody. Whether, the property is acquired to remain in or for the sole inspiration driving endeavor, in spite of all that it is a decision that requires a lot of considering. Without a doubt, even with changed purposes a customer is up ’til now entrusting a designer with a gigantic section of their money. This is the place it ends up being straightforward with Puri Constructions around. For a buyer the level of trust shoots up usually when a specialist has been known not properties successfully for a long length.

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Puri Diplomatic Greens – The Best Residential Destination in Delhi/NCR

Puri Diplomatic Greens – The Best Residential Destination in Delhi/NCR

Diplomatic Greens Prive Project of Puri Construction is dedicated to transform the living style of the people residing in the vicinity of Delhi/NCR. Located at a prime location, it ensures that you stay connected with all the transportation channels and modern amenities of the main city. This property has remarkable proximity to the airport and South Delhi, making these residences a prime location in Gurgaon. One of the demanding properties on the proposed Dwarka Gurgaon Expressway, Diplomatic Greens is being the most favourite property for the urban dwellers. This northern peripheral road of Dwarka Gurgaon Expressway starts from Dwarka connecting the new growth centres of Delhi, Gurgaon and Palam Vihar and meets the National Highway 8 near Kherki Dhaula. Having a residential space on this highway is an asset in itself.

Puri Constructions is developing this most prestigious project – Puri Diplomatic Greens located in Sector 111, on Dwarka Expressway in Gurgaon. Diplomatic Greens offers 3/4 bedroom luxury apartments in Gurgaon varying from 1700 to 4500 sq. ft. Building towers at Puri Diplomatic Greens are about 20 story high. The reason for the huge height of the tower is to make the availability of green spaces on the ground so that those spaces can be utilized for multipurpose activities like the walkways, the children’s’ play areas, amphitheatres, tennis courts, basketball courts, the lavish club house and a lot of more activities. With a 3 km. of distance from the IGI airport, this location can be reached with 15 minutes of driving from South Delhi. It has a 15 minutes of driving access to all the required amenities like International Airport, Schools, Shopping Malls, Hospitals and Entertainment Hubs.

As we all know that Gurgaon has become one of the millennium cities of India, and this location is also in a proximity to the metro line so it has become the best investment residential option of Delhi and NCR. Apart from this, due to Dwarka Gurgaon Expressway, it is one of the hottest investment options in India. The apartments being developed in Puri Diplomatic Greens are dedicated to bring the best living experience. The apartments have been designed in a way so that the natural air and light could reach to the insight of the house premises in an effective way. There is no need of artificial light in the day if you are residing here. The main thing to be considered is that the project has been fully designed by Internationally acclaimed award winning architecture – ARCOP and the look and interior of these apartments genuinely approve of the high-quality work. Landscaping and water bodies have been developed by the industry experts. If we talk about the security measures then all the modern security equipment have been installed in the premises so that the residents won’t have to face any kind of mishap.

Well planned and organized with perfection, Diplomatic Greens Prive is one of the best residential projects near IGI airport. If you are in search of a residential property in Delhi/NCR, then nothing can be better than having a living space in Puri Diplomatic Greens.

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Residential Projects in Neharpar | Luxury Residences in Faridabad

Puri Anand Villas


Faridabad is slowly and steadily cementing its position as a major hub for residential and commercial projects. There are many positives of setting up a commercial space or residence in Faridabad. First and foremost is the advantage of location. Faridabad is the largest city in Haryana and shares its borders with Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. It is thus, a significant place with both political and geographical importance.

Puri Constructions is offering residential and high end apartments in Faridabad and Gurgaon. After landmark developments like The Pranayam, The Palm Springs and Diplomatic Greens Puri Constructions presents to Faridabad its signature quality with another top notch inimitable address, Aanandvilas. Puri Anand Villas provides you 3bhk and 4bhk affordable apartments in Faridabad.

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Residential and Commercial Properties in Faridabad

diplomatic greens

Residential and commercial properties in Faridabad have never been synonymous with luxury. Affordable and relatively cheaper living is what, Faridabad is known for. Standard constructions, common designs, can be seen across majority of the residential projects in the area. The retail spaces also offer mundane architecture. Residents of Faridabad have mostly had to look at their neighbors Delhi or Gurgaon for options pertaining to luxury living. But those days are on the verge of elimination, as real estate developers look to tap into the luxury living segment here.

Faridabad is an industrially important hub and its proximity to Delhi makes it an important center. Thus, it is surprising to note, that the city took a long time to accustom itself with the world of luxury living. It may have been a slow bloomer, but developers are now utilizing it for world-class luxury residential projects. Less congestion makes it feasible for developers to construct luxury villas and bungalows here. Also, the acceptance and willingness of the population to buy property outside the confines of Delhi, has played a huge role in revolutionizing the real estate space here.

Luxury residences are not only defined by fancy interiors and designer installations. Luxury bungalows are known to have defining and unique architectural trademarks. Similar sort of architectural trademarks distinguish an ordinary commercial space from one that leaves people ogling. Such landmark structures in commercial and residential properties can now be seen coming up in Faridabad. The areas near Neharpar and Sector 81 are being touted as the leaders in luxury living. Similarly while, retail spaces blossomed in Noida, Faridabad remained in a nascent stage.

Now even retail spaces of international standing can be seen here, thanks to one of the biggest real estate developers, Puri Constructions. Puri Constructions is a big name in the real estate world. After coming up with outstanding residential projects in Gurgaon, they are now changing the face of luxury residences and commercial spaces in Faridabad. Their properties are symbolized by unique designs and out-of-the-box ideas. Aanand Vilas in sector 81 Faridabad is the ultimate definition of luxury homes.

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Flats in Gurgaon | Luxury Flats in Dwarka Expressway

pic-prive-iconicDiplomatic Greens is located in Gurgaon and just 3 kms from the New Delhi IGI Airport and 2 kms from Diplomatic Enclave 2. It is the independent house in Gurgaon You will experience 82 acres of happiness. Puri Construction Diplomatic Greens is Luxury of design and surrounded by breathtaking landscape featuring South East Asian inspired sculpture gardens and water bodies.It provide the luxury of exclusive living. Enjoy privacy with low density living and special dedicated privileges.
Welcome to Diplomatic Greens Phase 2. Ultra luxe living.

Diplomatic Greens offers luxury villas in Gurgaon and independent villas in Gurgaon for a presidential lifestyle. Spacious five bedroom villas and terrace gardens with full length private swimming pools and ultra luxurious family and dining rooms overlooking the water features.

Ultra luxury Living Experiance:

  •  Ten high-end Presidential Villas
  •  Two ultra luxe towers
  •  Dedicated 24 hours business centre for the home office privilege
  •  Exclusive pool and a gym apart from the 21,000 sq. ft. club house
  •  Gold Standard Smart home automation
  •  Breathtaking landscape featuring South East Asian inspired sculpture gardens and water bodies spread over 4 acres
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Puri Pratham | Faridabad Neharpar Apartments

pratham1Pratham is a luxury residential apartment harving ground + 10 flour in on the best location of Faridabad and it is spread over 10 acres of lush greens. Pratham is a luxury residential complex offers residential apartment in faridabad and luxury residences in faridabad spread over 10 acres of lush greens. It provides a perfect blend of today’s modern amenities and lifestyle, interspersed with abundance of greens and water bodies with a Central Park landscaped.

Apartment Features:

  • Spacious luxury residential complex spread across 10 acres of lush greens
  • Over 4 acres of landscaped central flower parks
  • Lowest difference between super & carpet area
  • 24 X 7 security with CCTV surveillance
  • Exclusive clubhouse, swimming pools and extensive water bodies
  • Wide internal roads with paved pathways
  • Designed by Development Consortium, an architectural consultancy with a widespread presence in North India

Common Facilities:

  • Security: 24 x 7 security / gated complex
  • Club: recreational club house
  • Shopping: convenient shops within the complex
  • Electrical conduit copper wiring for all light and power points
  • High capacity lifts
  • Extensive landscaping
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