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Residential and Commercial Properties in Faridabad

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Residential and commercial properties in Faridabad have never been synonymous with luxury. Affordable and relatively cheaper living is what, Faridabad is known for. Standard constructions, common designs, can be seen across majority of the residential projects in the area. The retail spaces also offer mundane architecture. Residents of Faridabad have mostly had to look at their neighbors Delhi or Gurgaon for options pertaining to luxury living. But those days are on the verge of elimination, as real estate developers look to tap into the luxury living segment here.

Faridabad is an industrially important hub and its proximity to Delhi makes it an important center. Thus, it is surprising to note, that the city took a long time to accustom itself with the world of luxury living. It may have been a slow bloomer, but developers are now utilizing it for world-class luxury residential projects. Less congestion makes it feasible for developers to construct luxury villas and bungalows here. Also, the acceptance and willingness of the population to buy property outside the confines of Delhi, has played a huge role in revolutionizing the real estate space here.

Luxury residences are not only defined by fancy interiors and designer installations. Luxury bungalows are known to have defining and unique architectural trademarks. Similar sort of architectural trademarks distinguish an ordinary commercial space from one that leaves people ogling. Such landmark structures in commercial and residential properties can now be seen coming up in Faridabad. The areas near Neharpar and Sector 81 are being touted as the leaders in luxury living. Similarly while, retail spaces blossomed in Noida, Faridabad remained in a nascent stage.

Now even retail spaces of international standing can be seen here, thanks to one of the biggest real estate developers, Puri Constructions. Puri Constructions is a big name in the real estate world. After coming up with outstanding residential projects in Gurgaon, they are now changing the face of luxury residences and commercial spaces in Faridabad. Their properties are symbolized by unique designs and out-of-the-box ideas. Aanand Vilas in sector 81 Faridabad is the ultimate definition of luxury homes.

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